Boy’s Life

Alexander, Landon and John

Landon, Alexander and John

Per usual on the weekends, J2 and I are together most of the two days so I look for activities to keep him occupied. Anything interesting that keeps him running, climbing, jumping, hopping, sweating and laughing with more running, qualifies. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I try to tire out my little buddy so he goes to bed peacefully; I just try to tire him out so he goes to bed peacefully. And early is not a bad thing either because Homey wears me out.

I recently took him to the Chattahoochee Nature Center for the Butterfly Festival because it was different and I had visions of Homey chasing butterflies for hours and yep, tiring his self out. Plus we would be together in nature enjoying the natural beauty of some of God’s creatures and yada, yada, yada.

Anyway, J2 loves his school friends and one question he asked right before we arrived was, ‘Will some of my friends be there?” I didn’t want to disappoint him with a no but I did not expect to see his friends so far from our area. I told him I wasn’t sure and changed the subject.

Not five minutes after arriving, we turned a corner in the park and bam, ran into his favorite school chum Landon and his mom. It was an unbelievable coincidence and as soon as they spotted each other, the running began. J2 saw playmate, I saw diversion. I’m sure Landon’s mom thought I was cheesing a little too much but it was like going to a concert with no ticket, little expectation of getting in and finding yourself on the guest list, with an all access pass (you had to be there).

So I’m now on cloud 9 and 10 minutes later, we bump into another friend, Alexander and his family. It was like the starting pistol fired for the start of the 100-meter dash because they were off and running. And now I’m really cheesing and daydreaming about his bedtime. I know it will be painless… for me.

We were there for hours and enjoyed every minute. Alexander, Landon and John had a blast dancing, running, throwing rocks, watching butterflies, fishes and turtles and being buds. I knew he was happy because when we got in the car to go home he started singing.

So long story short, I bathed him, fed him and started cheesing some more when he laid down and immediately went out like a light. Now that was a good day.

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